Save with heating

Save with heating

Save with heating

Central heating accounts for around 40% of domestic energy consumption*. This gives special relevance to the type of boiler we have, with condensing boilers offering the greatest efficiency with any type of installation.

* Not considering cost of energy for cooling in summer.

To optimize boiler operation, it must be equipped with regulation systems, such as programmable room thermostats. This makes our comfort compatible with energy savings.

It must be borne in mind that for every degree that we increase the ambient temperature, energy consumption increases by approximately 7%. Thus, without sacrificing comfort at home, it is recommended that the room have an ambient temperature of between 19 and 21ºC during the day and, during the night, that the rooms be kept at a temperature between 15 and 17ºC. During the night, to avoid as much heat as possible, blinds and curtains should be closed. It may even be unnecessary to turn on the heating if the heat accumulated during the day is used. If you are away from home for a few hours, reduce the temperature to 15°C.

The use of thermostatic valves in radiators makes it possible to adjust the temperature of each room in the house to the needs required at any given time.

The best place to place the radiator is under the windows.

Avoid covering radiators with clothing or similar items.

At the beginning of the heating season, radiators must be purged. The air contained inside makes it difficult to transmit heat.

The ventilation of the house is sufficient by leaving the windows open for 10 minutes. With this, it is possible to renew the air without completely cooling the house. It is also important to carry out preventive maintenance on the device in order to guarantee its original performance.

Finally, if possible, improve the insulation of the house, preventing the heat produced from escaping. Double glazing or double window systems reduce heat loss by half.