12 tips for saving water

12 tips for saving water

12 tips for saving water

Adopting simple and sustainable measures in our daily lives has a restorative impact on one of the biggest problems facing the world: the climate emergency.

1. Take faster showers
It is estimated that a typical shower lasts approximately 10 minutes, which implies the consumption of 200 liters of water.

2. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth or hands
Set an example at home and teach your children to do the same.
To brush your teeth, use a glass of water. When washing your hands, turn off the faucet while soaping them.

3. Defrost food in advance
Do it in the fridge or at room temperature, avoiding using tap water.

4. Do not throw away cooking water
If you cook vegetables, meat or other foods, take advantage of the cooking water to use as broth in other recipes. Chicken broth or vegetable broth, for example, are common ingredients in many dishes.

5. Choose more efficient appliances
Reviewing the energy classes of appliances will allow you to improve your home's energy efficiency. But that's not all: because they consume less water and less electricity, more efficient appliances are good for the environment and for the family budget.

6. Turn off the faucet while washing dishes by hand
If you wash dishes by hand, a good way to save water is to fill the sink and turn off the tap. Turn it on only if you need to remove excess foam.

7. Use the toilet responsibly
Not dumping objects such as non-degradable wipes down the toilet is one of the best ways to save water in the flush and protect the environment.

8. Use the water for washing food and other activities
You can use it to water the plants, flush the toilet or wash the floor. You can also save the cold water from the start of the shower and use it for the same purposes.

9. Water your plants or garden at night
You will avoid wasting up to 30% of the water that would evaporate if you did it in the morning or afternoon.

10. Wash the car with a bucket and sponge
If you wash your car at home, fill a bucket with water and use a sponge or cloth. You will save a lot of water if you only use the hose at the end, to remove the foam.

11. Use tap water saving devices
If the faucets in your house are old, use instruments such as limiters or flow switches.

12. Repair faucets, pipes and toilet
A faucet dripping every 5 seconds wastes around 30 liters of water a day. That's about 10 thousand liters of water per year.